31 December 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It all started Christmas eve, Santa came in through the sliding door on the back verandah at Nan & Poppa's house. (He came in through this way due to the baffles in the chimney, there was no way he would get through there)
He came in, set all of the gifts under the tree and began to quietly tip toe back toward the verandah to make his swift exit. He had forgotten by this stage that Connor was asleep on the lounge, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa. 
Connor stirred, rolled over and opened his eyes, he stared straight into the eyes of Santa.
Santa had to act quickly and before you could blink, he blew some magic dust into Connor's eyes making him fall back to sleep in an instant and deleting Connor's memory of all he had witnessed (a bit like that anesthetic they give you when you have surgery). 
Santa bounded out the sliding door and jumped off the verandah but not before the nasty cat Lilly took a swipe at him, tearing a hole in Santa's sack, spilling several gifts out of the bottom of the bag.

The next morning, Poppa was up early, he was expecting around 30 guests for champagne breakfast so he lit the BBQ on the back verandah and headed into the kitchen to prepare the food.
Before the children were awake and before any of the gifts were opened, before the guests had arrived and before anyone knew it, the BBQ had caught alight. The gas bottle had sprung a leak and flames poured out of the cylinder, all over the sliding doors, the verandah, the Christmas tree on the other side of the doors and of course the gifts.
What could we do?
I called 000 and asked for the fire brigade, they thought it was a prank at first but quickly flew into action. I chased the children out of the house and began to help Nan and Poppa wet down some blankets to try to slow the burning house.
Uncle Brad had arrived by now and gathered all the hoses he could find from around the yard and neighbours, the flames could not be extinguised but at least he could keep the gas bottle cool to prevent it from exploding.
After what felt like an eternity, the fire brigade arrived and took control of the situation, they continued to cool the gas bottle and let it burn out. 
Thankfully no one was badly injured, unfortunately the gifts, including Rachels  fat quarter packs that Lilly the cat had managed to swipe were destroyed in the fire. No one was even aware they had been left behind. It does however explain the mystery of the lost packages.

We still had a great Christmas with 12 firemen joining us for champagne and charcoaled sausages :-)

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Rachels lost fat quarter bundles

NOTE: This is not a true story, it is made up for a competition. The part about the gas bottle, fire and firemen IS true but we didn't lose the gifts, although a bit wet, they were not damaged and it happened about 7 years ago.
Thanks to all my blogging friends who were concerned, sorry to have led you astray :-)

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teresa said...

What a story you have to tell of your Christmas Day. I'm so glad no one was hurt, or you lost your house! It could have been so much worse. I am sorry though, that you lost the presents. All the best to you and your family for the New Year.

Rochelle said...

Oh Teresa,

Thank you so much for your concern. I am so sorry to have led you a stray. Although we did have a gas bottle fire and the house caught fire, the gifts did get quite wet, they were not damaged.
It actually happened about 7 or 8 years ago.
I wrote this piece for a competition.
Thanks again for your concern and I apologise for leading you to believe otherwise.

rachel griffith said...

ho! ho! ho!
you've been entered.

Rochelle said...

Oooohhh, thank you Rachel :-)